UniFi Announces Partnership with Eclipse Group to Expand Reach and Empower Businesses 

UniFi, a next-gen platform for Accounting, Finance, and Business Process Automation, has announced a strategic partnership with Eclipse Group, an experienced provider of cloud financial management, integration and automation solutions designed to help organisations increase efficiency and maximise business agility. 

This partnership will enable UniFi to expand its reach further and empower organisations to streamline operations and unlock new levels of efficiency. 

About the Partnership 

This collaboration brings together UniFi’s innovative platform with Eclipse Group’s established expertise in implementing and supporting cloud business management solutions. 

By leveraging Eclipse Group’s extensive network and industry knowledge, UniFi will be able to: 

  • Reach a wider audience: Eclipse Group’s established market presence will allow UniFi to connect with a broader range of potential customers seeking a comprehensive automation platform. 
  • Enhance customer experience: Eclipse Group’s commitment to customer service aligns perfectly with UniFi’s focus on providing exceptional support. Together, they will ensure a seamless onboarding and implementation process for new customers. 
  • Fuel industry growth: Both companies are dedicated to empowering businesses with cutting-edge solutions. This partnership will drive innovation and a new level of automation across Eclipse’s core industries such as insurance, financial services, retail, education, and not-for-profit. 

Speaking about the partnership, UniFi’s Product Director, Tim Truesdale, said, “I’m really excited that Eclipse Group has chosen to partner with UniFi to extend our unique platform to their customers. Having known Eclipse for many years, I appreciate the priority they place on their customers’ interests by delivering meaningful and valuable solutions that help to reduce costs, save time and improve processes. This partnership allows us to leverage their extensive experience and market presence, enabling us to reach a wider audience and offer UniFi’s innovative solutions to more businesses. Together, we will enhance operational efficiency, provide unparalleled support, and drive growth and innovation across various industries.”  

The CEO of Eclipse Group, Gary Waylett, also commented, We are delighted to partner with UniFi. We understand the unparalleled value that UniFi’s complete business platform can bring to our existing and prospective clients, especially in relation to its out-of-the-box capabilities. The platform has a broad portfolio of customisable modules that can add real value to any finance or ERP solution. We can see how UniFi’s seamlessly integrated systems and latest technology can enable organisations to streamline and automate manual processes to meet their ongoing business requirements. 

About UniFi 

UniFi is a next-generation platform for Accounting, Finance, and Business Process Automation, revolutionary in its approach. 

By providing a single platform with limitless use cases, UniFi empowers organisations to reduce their tech stack, seamlessly integrate existing systems, and achieve a single source of truth like never before. 

About Eclipse Group 

Eclipse Group is a global provider of business management solutions, consultancy and support services. Established in 1987, Eclipse has delivered services and solutions to more than 2,000 organisations in 70+ countries. Eclipse is dedicated to providing strategic, effective and resilient cloud-based business management solutions to help minimise costs, increase security, and provide unprecedented visibility into all aspects of an organisation’s business management systems. 

Benefits for Businesses 

Through this partnership, businesses will gain: 

  • Access to a broader suite of financial and business management apps backed by innovative technology. 
  • Enhanced operational efficiency with one platform replacing multiple individual applications.  
  • The most cost-effective and value-added platform for enhancing an existing finance or ERP solution. 
  • Greater accuracy in financial reporting. 
  • Customisable solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of each business. 
  • Support from a team of experts dedicated to ensuring the successful implementation and optimisation of the UniFi platform. 


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