UniFi Work
Operating System

One place to manage processes,
projects, and everyday work

UniFi Work Operating System (Work OS) is cloud-based, which means you can use it anywhere, anytime, on any device. 

The Work OS is where you’ll find all of UniFi Features. 

It’s a self-serve tool that allows your team to build custom workflow apps – no matter the size of your organisation. With its easy-to-use interface, no-code drag and drop builder and seamless integrations, you’ll be able to build and adapt for any requirement your business has.  

UniFi Work OS Features

Organisation-wide deployment

UniFi Work OS can (and should) be used across every department in your organisation. The icing on the cake is that UniFi has an Accounting Automation tool, which enables your finance team to operate with much more efficiency.

No-Code, drag-and-drop builder

Using the no-code, drag and drop app builder, you can manage workflows, capture data and present actionable insights. No need to rely on developers or the IT department!

Single source of truth

UniFi Work OS integrates with all your systems, using the included data connector tool. So, it will capture any data input through human action (e.g: workflow forms) and through automations that extract data from your systems. You can view the data as-is using ‘Quick Reports’, or using the sophisticated business intelligence tool that’s included.

Workflow automation

UniFi Work OS allows automation of your operations and document management to remove human errors for repetitive tasks, speed up processes and reduce manual work.

Business Intelligence

All users with access to UniFi and with relevant permissions to access a specific data source can create reports and dashboards. UniFi powerful dashboards and reports are a single source of information to provide actionable insights.

Roles and Permissions

There are two types of users that can access the system, ‘Full Users’ and ‘Credit Users’, both of which have team and user roles and permission-settings. This gives the admin user control over what people can: create, read, update, delete, approve and access.

Progress Tracking

UniFi encourages transparency and accountability as processes, approvals and bottlenecks can be tracked by managers to ensure alignment across your organisation.

Task Management

With all your Apps and business processes in one place you can manage associated tasks with ease and identify opportunities to automate more

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