No-Code Application Builder

Quickly build and launch applications for finance and all connected departments

UniFi’s leading no-code application builder empowers you to easily and quickly build business applications with no coding knowledge!

UniFi gives you extensive features so you can fulfil multiple use cases in one platform. Unlike other providers, all features are included for one price.

All features can be used together to automate processes, improve reporting, integrate systems and replace your 3rd party software. Reducing your need to manage multiple disparate systems and helping reduce your costs. It’s one platform to replace them all.

Fast Performance

Experience optimal responsiveness, even when dealing with massive financial data from multiple systems and extensive calculations.

No Code

Build custom apps and more without writing any code. Just drag, drop and publish!

No Limits on Users

You can add an unlimited number of users to UniFi. You’ll also benefit from economies of scale with the more users you have

Unlimited Use Cases

There’s no limit to the number of apps you can build, from sales orders and journal approvals to business intelligence and timesheets, every department in your organisation is covered

Easy to Use

UniFi has no legacy code and is built using the latest web standards, so you’ll have the best user experience possible.

Highly Scalable

With minimal training required you can expect high adoption rates of the software in your organisation

What is a no-code application builder?

A no-code application builder is a development software that allows you to create business applications without any coding experience. An application is a combination of a form and a process (aka workflow), you are in complete control of how it is created and functions.  

You or anyone in your organisation can create fully functional apps via an easy to use drag and drop editor.  

UniFi takes the no-code application to the next level with a multitude of additional features at no extra cost – read on to find out more! 

When we say Application, don’t confuse it with a Mobile App! While UniFi is fully mobile friendly, the applications you create aren’t the ‘mobile apps’ that first come to mind. They are a way for you to create workflows, business processes, automations and 100’s of other use cases – the opportunities are endless! 

All workflows, business processes and automations can be built to be US/UK SOX compliant with ease.

How does no-code application
building work?

Simply put, you’re dragging-and-dropping pre-coded elements exactly where you want them, and the code sits behind it, so you don’t have to worry about learning JavaScript or .NET as the hard work is done for you.  

All the elements you need to use have already been built behind the scenes, all you need to do is decide where to put them. You’ll be deploying apps in no time and saving countless hours of time by reducing manual or repetitive tasks. 

Low-code application builder

If you’re using UniFi for more sophisticated workflow creation, you can make use of the low code application builder.  

This is perfect for people that have some knowledge of coding but aren’t fully fledged coders. It allows you to have fields in your workflows that contain data from your other business systems using our integration feature.  

The low-code application builder lets you connect your departments, technologies, data and systems into workflows to accelerate business processes, results and output the relevant accounting transactions to your finance or ERP system.  

You will get access to free templates to help you kick start your use of the low-code application builder if required.  

No-code application builder vs Low-code application builder

No-code application builder:
The no-code application builder can be used to drag and drop pre-built elements in your workflow. These elements will contain data that is held in UniFi.  

Low-code application builder:
The low-code application builder also uses drag and drop functionality, but there is a small amount of coding required so that your fields and drop downs can contain data from your external business systems. UniFi can also send accounting transactions to your Finance or ERP system using the accounting automation feature. 

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