Quotation Automation

Automate the Quotation Process and Replace your Quotation Software

The UniFi platform gives you extensive features for limitless use cases. These features enable you to automate the quotation process and replace your quotation software.

Not only can UniFi replace your Quotation Software, but it can also replace all other 3rd party software. Reducing your need to manage multiple disparate systems and helping reduce your costs. It’s one platform to replace them all.

The Quotation App makes quotations simple and efficient. With UniFi, you can quickly create and send quotes and get them approved in no time.

Using it’s powerful Integration and Middleware Engine, UniFi can connect to other core business systems in your organisation such as your accounting system, CRM system, pricing system, and so on. 

With this level of integration , UniFi can seamlessly pull items and their list prices from the relevant systems (or within UniFi via reference data), to automatically populate your quotations

UniFi can also apply your corporate discount (or whatever you’ve negotiated with the customer) to those prices. 

When an order is made as a result of the quotation, you can be confident that it has all the correct prices, item numbers, and descriptions. 

With this, all you have to do whenever a request comes in from a customer is select the correct quantity of the item in a dropdown box and everything else is done for you. 

UniFi can also support internal quotation processes. What this means is if your sales team receives an order via other channels such as phone or email, they can create a quotation internally in the system so that it is tracked and stored in your organisation’s database. 

What’s more, you can use UniFi to easily create a custom quotation app with multiple dropdowns and incorporate processes that are held in these other systems. 

Other Sales (O2C) Use Cases

If you have a unique requirement or use case that’s not listed on this page, it’s highly likely that it’s creatable or configurable in UniFi, please speak to our team and we’ll be happy to discuss your options

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