Customer Onboarding

Get New Customers Up
and Running Quickly with
a Seamless Onboarding Process

The UniFi platform gives you extensive features for limitless use cases. These features enable you drastically improve your Customer Onboarding process and replace your Customer Onboarding Software.

Not only can UniFi replace your Customer Onboarding Software, but it can also replace all other 3rd party software. Reducing your need to manage multiple disparate systems and helping reduce your costs. It’s one platform to replace them all.

A streamlined onboarding process is essential for reducing customer churn and ensuring a positive customer experience.

UniFi makes it easy to set up new customers for success with an onboarding process that’s tailored to their specific needs. 

With UniFi customer onboarding App, you can easily create and manage customer profiles, set credit limits for the customer and ensure a due diligence process is followed for each customer.

UniFi can help you perform  checks and controls before you create the customer to ensure legal compliance. 

Once the customer is created, UniFi can then automatically update your CRM, accounting system and any other systems in your organisation. 

With this, UniFi becomes a central point to manage customers. So you can always be sure that the latest information about customers is available to your team in real time. 

UniFi  also ensures the completeness of customer information because it lets you have mandatory fields for users who create a new customer. 

This eliminates the need to chase down missing customer information and speeds up the onboarding process so you can hit the ground running. 

Other Sales (O2C) Use Cases

If you have a unique requirement or use case that’s not listed on this page, it’s highly likely that it’s creatable or configurable in UniFi, please speak to our team and we’ll be happy to discuss your options

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