Implementation Methodologies

Designed to be the most configurable platform for business process automation, UniFi is built out of 25+ years of Financial Management System and ERP implementation experience. 

It allows you to configure and automate your business processes using a simple drag and drop interface and process engine amongst many other powerful features

There are 3 implementation methodologies to choose from and each vary in time and cost based on your needs.

Implementation Types and Pricing

There are 3 ways to implement UniFi: 

Self-Start Implementation

The self-start option is perfect if you’re on a budget and would like to implement UniFi at a pace that suits you.

Price: FREE

Empower Implementation

Our consultants work with your UniFi Champion(s) and Sponsor to impart their knowledge and ensure they are fully capable of utilising the system and training other employees.

Price: £12,000 / € 15,000 / $18,000 

Consultant Implementation

The consultant-led implementation requires the least amount of your time out of the 3 options. This option is best for those who don’t have the time or resource to implement UniFi or your needs are complex.

What Our Clients Say About Us

“The implementation team are very knowledgeable if an error occurs, they will very quickly identify the root cause and apply the fix.”
Devendra Patel
Financial Reporting and Systems Accountant | ScreenSkills

Self-Start Implementation

The Self-Start option is great if you’re on a budget and have the resources and time available to implement UniFi. 

This implementation option is free and enables you to implement UniFi at a pace that suits you.

To help you implement UniFi, you’ll have access to a host of resources, such as:  

Cost: FREE 

Empower Implementation

Our team will deliver UniFi with the primary focus of empowering end-users to be able to configure the platform themselves.   

As part of the implementation process, we will train UniFi Champion(s) within your organisation. This will allow them to set up and maintain apps and provide internal training where necessary. 

As a prerequisite, we need: 

A sponsor – a senior member of your organisation who is a decision-maker 

From 1 to 5 champions – members of your organisations who understand and can define your business processes, are able to design and build forms, and at least one champion should have advanced Excel skills (to Excel VBA level).  

Excel VBA skills are needed to use the Advanced Data Connector feature to retrieve drop downs from external systems and also the Accounting Automation feature to automatically post journals based on business process automation outcomes. 

The Empower implementation process is achieved with the following 7-step methodology:  

Your UniFi project starts in the sales phase.  All discussions and proposals are handed over and continued with our team who will work to empower your end users.  You will need to appoint a UniFi Sponsor and 1-5 Champion(s).   

The Champions will need to be available for 1 month full-time or 2 months part-time during the project phases to successfully complete the course. 

We will provide your Champion(s) with training so they can build their own apps.  You can see what is covered here via the training section, however, the agenda is amended to suit your pace and needs

Once we’ve gone through the basics with Champions, we will move onto the Foundation Apps within the platform. The Foundation Apps are regularly updated and designed to give Champions a starting point for creating apps. We will focus on the 3-5 foundation apps relevant to you.

To help Champions confidently build apps we have an assisted app building phase to help users create their first app.  

The Champion will begin independently defining and building the rest of your Apps (up to 5 in total) with a member of the UniFi consulting team available to provide support as required throughout this phase. 

Once the apps have been created by the Champion, we will check all the Apps created by the Champion. We will provide advice to the Champion where appropriate. 

We will train you on the Business Intelligence feature and provide you with your first BI dashboard as well as a BI report. The Champion will now be able to write their own BI reports

These features are covered in the earlier phases, however, in this phase we will provide your Champion with a deeper dive into how they can connect multiple systems to FinanSys Apps. 

We will help your Champion set up users and ensure that the correct Roles, permissions, Teams, Data Access and Divisions are set up and the Champion can manage these going forward. 

Throughout the project there will be someone available to manage each phase of the project alongside your internal project sponsor.   

Once your apps are finished, your champion is UniFi certified and we hand you over to our support desk for day-to-day support.  We will also be providing continuous training through our free bi-weekly training courses to your Champions and any other user who wants to learn more about UniFi. 

All customers also receive weekly 2-hour free training sessions and support is included for free! 

The pricing below covers the time needed for the Empower method

Type Fee
Remote £12,000 €15,000 $18,000
On-site* £16,000 €20,000 $24,000

Consultant Implementation 

The consultant led implementation requires the least amount of your time out of the 3 options.  

This option is best for those who don’t have the time or resource to implement UniFi or your needs are complex and require a consultant. 

Please enquire for a bespoke quote. Due to the numerous variables involved in this implementation process, we’re unable to provide a price on our site.  

Price: Please Enquire

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