Win Story: Newcross Petroleum Awards UniFi Channel Partner, Infrest, Key EAM Deal

Customer: Newcross Petroleum Limited (NPL) 

Industry: Oil and Gas 

Nature of service:  UniFi EAM Implementation and SunSystems Optimisation 

Details in brief: Infrest, a UniFi Channel Partner, celebrates a new partnership with Newcross Petroleum. Tasked with implementing UniFi EAM and optimising SunSystems, Infrest is set to elevate NPL’s asset management capabilities. 


Newcross Petroleum, a key player in the dynamic Nigerian oil and gas sector, recently fortified its financial capabilities by upgrading its SunSystems software. In tandem with their ambitious growth plans, the company recognised the need for an advanced Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) solution. Following meticulous evaluation, Newcross Petroleum strategically chose UniFi and Infrest as their partners, acknowledging their profound expertise in navigating the intricacies of the Nigerian oil and gas landscape. 

Newcross diligently assessed UniFi EAM and Hexagon EAM, ultimately determining that UniFi EAM not only met all their requirements but also instilled confidence that it would empower them to optimise their return on investment (ROI) from their assets. 

UniFi EAM, with its user-friendly interface, multiple use cases and advanced features, was the perfect fit for their needs.  

UniFi EAM provides the Nigerian oil and gas company with a collection of next-gen Apps to manage the entire lifecycle of its assets, from planning, budgeting, procurement, project management, performance, maintenance, compliance, and risk management to disposal. 

Future Benefits of UniFi EAM 

Following the implementation and configuration of UniFi EAM, Newcross Petroleum will benefit from the following: 

  • A single source of truth 
  • Real-time asset and inventory visibility 
  • Faster and more accurate decision-making 
  • Decreased maintenance costs 
  • Safer work environment across sites 
  • Improvement in inventory level 
  • Accurate document audit trails  
  • Reduced downtime 
  • Significant time savings 
  • Streamlined and automated processes 
  • Actionable data for enhanced decision-making 
  • Improved operational efficiency 
  • Access to all features and use cases of the UniFi platform for one price 
  • Robust Regulatory compliance

Why Newcross Petroleum chose UniFi and Infrest 

  • Proven Track Record: UniFi and Infrest have a history of optimising business systems for maximum ROI. 
  • Localised Delivery and Support: Tailored support and content for the Nigerian market. 
  • Competency with SunSystems and EAM: High proficiency and experience in both SunSystems and EAM. 
  • The flexibility of UniFi EAM: Compared to competitors, UniFi EAM offers extensive flexibility. 
  • Seamless Integration: UniFi EAM seamlessly integrates with SunSystems. 
  • Enterprise-Grade Platform: UniFi is a comprehensive platform with no modularised costs, providing more functionality in a cost-effective package. 
  • Capacity and Expertise: UniFi and Infrest are well-equipped to handle extensive project scopes. 

Why Newcross Petroleum chose UniFi EAM

  • Robust Platform: UniFi EAM offers full automation, drill-down reporting, and a single source of truth. 
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Enterprise-grade software without the high price tag. 
  • Quick Deployment: Timeline for deployment was faster than other big competitors and Newcross wanted to benefit from the platform quickly. 
  • Ease of Development: Thanks to the no-code and low-code builders. Other providers came with unwanted complexities. 
  • Support: Due to the nature of the platform, minimal support is needed to make use of the system; however, there is maximum support available. 
  • Integrated Dashboards and Reports:  UniFi EAM Dashboards and Reports are powered by powerful Business Intelligence and built-in middleware and integration. Unlike other EAM systems, Dashboards, Reports and Business Intelligence come included and is not a module or third-party product or an additional cost. 
  • Comprehensive Use Cases: Apart from EAM, UniFi comes with many other use cases such as expense management, intercompany accounting, period-end closure management, consolidation, and much more.  

Words from the Teams

Erol Kagan – Managing Director, UniFi

Newcross Petroleum’s choice of UniFi EAM reflects the platform’s flexibility and comprehensive functionality. With a focus on providing a full suite of next-gen Apps, UniFi EAM will empower NPL to manage their assets throughout the entire lifecycle.  The tangible value of UniFi is that it’s not limited to EAM – it’s a unified platform offering Newcross Petroleum a seamless blend of BI, analytics, reporting, expense management, HR, and procurement. We provide a robust single source of truth, empowering management with a 360-degree dashboard for enhanced performance analysis and informed decision-making. We are committed to delivering a cost-effective, powerful solution that brings tangible benefits across diverse business functions.”


Emmanuel Uzugbo – Managing Director, Infrest

The decision by Newcross Petroleum to choose UniFi and Infrest is a testament to our competency in SunSystems and EAM, as well as our commitment to delivering cost-effective and seamlessly integrated solutions. We understand the unique challenges of the Nigerian oil and gas sector, and our team is well-equipped to handle extensive project scopes. This partnership marks the beginning of a collaborative journey towards optimising NPL’s asset management capabilities for sustained growth.


About UniFi 

UniFi is a complete business platform with unlimited potential across finance and all connected departments. It is an all-encompassing platform that boasts a comprehensive range of features, making it an ideal solution for meeting a wide array of needs that extend from your existing FMS or ERP system. 

The core concept behind the platform is to offer you a one-stop solution for all your organisational requirements, whether it’s everyday tasks like procurement and expense management or more advanced functions such as treasury management, budgeting, planning, forecasting, EAM or even HR-related processes. 

UniFi provides Newcross Petroleum with a comprehensive suite of EAM Apps: 

About Infrest 

Infrest Services is a team of experts dedicated to maximising the value of your Infor SunSystems investments. The team consists of highly skilled professionals who currently assist customers across Nigeria and Africa at large. Infrest offers profound product and technical expertise and extensive industry experience and leverages the full strength of Infor-certified resources to ensure clients’ unparalleled success. 

About Newcross Petroleum 

Newcross Petroleum Limited (NPL) is an emerging company with investment and operating interests in the Nigerian oil and gas industry. Newcross aims to provide sustainable solutions to Nigeria’s energy challenges and use its operational success as a springboard into the international arena, starting with the Sub-Saharan African markets. 

Contact information: 

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