Pricing Summary

The ethos of UniFi is that we will never paywall anything, the price you pay includes access to everything within the platform, now and into the future!

It's truly one platform to replace all 3rd party systems.

There are 3 elements to UniFi pricing:

1. The number of
full users

2. Optional: The number of
credit users

3. The way you want to implement

We recommend reading through each of the above pages to understand how each element impacts the price.

You can use this page to quickly see the price for each of the 3 elements based on your needs.

If you require a bespoke quote, please contact our sales team.

Step 1 – Select the number of full users you require:

Full users get access to all Features and Use Cases. There are no paywalls or hidden fees like other providers.

Full User Pricing

Per user/Per Month. Billed annually

*Optional: Step 2 – Select the number of credits you require:

*A credit user is optional and not essential. It is a low-cost option for occasional users of UniFi. This could be a contractor, freelancer or volunteer for example. Credits can only be sold as add-ons to Full Users.

A Credit is consumed when a Credit Based User initiates a process from an existing App. Credit users cannot be approvers or creators of applications

Credit User Pricing

Price Per Submission


Total Yearly Price

Per submission. Billed annually

Step 3 – Select your implementation methodology

There are 3 ways to implement UniFi:

Self-Start Implementation

The self-start option is perfect if you’re on a budget and have spare time available to implement UniFi at a pace that suits you.

Price: FREE

Empower Implementation

Our consultants work with your UniFi Champion(s) to impart their knowledge and ensure they are fully capable of utilising the system and training other employees.

Remote implementation:

£12,000 / €15,000 / $18,000

On-site implementation also available

Consultant Implementation

The consultant led implementation requires the least amount of your time out of the 3 options. This option is best for those who don’t have the time or resources to implement UniFi or your needs are complex.

What's Included?


Simply put, we give you access to every Feature. There are no additional fees, no upgrade costs or hidden pay walls. 

Every feature is included as standard. 

That’s why UniFi is truly the one platform to replace them all. 

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