Why Choose UniFi?

Put simply, UniFi is one Platform to replace them all.
It gives you all these features with no paywalls, hidden fees, or tiered pricing:

Tangible ROI & Time Savings

Here’s how organisations have benefited from UniFi:

  • 100% Accounting automation in Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM. This has enabled the automatic generation of: sales invoices, credit notes, revenue release, revenue recognition, bank receipts & refunds, saving 3900 hours of manual processing per annum (2 FTE per annum). Enabling time to be spent on higher value tasks.
  • Automated 250,000 monthly invoices using middleware and integration to NetSuite. This process has gone from 2 days per month with human error, to full automation in hours with no error.
  • Saved 3 days per month across the organisation thanks to expense management automation.
  • Purchase invoice and PO automation has saved one of our customers 1 day per 20 invoices processed across the organisation.
  • Supplier and Customer onboarding automation has saved a customer 0.25 days per customer/supplier.

Cloud Software

UniFi is a cloud-based platform that was written from the ground up using the latest technology, with no legacy code to slow it down. 

This gives you a fast, easy-to-use platform that provides an intuitive interface and a seamless user experience.   

Trusted by over 115+ organisations globally and with more than 15k+ users, UniFi allows end-users to enhance and automate their business processes using a simple draganddrop interface and intelligent process engine.   

Unified Data

Every application you create can send, receive and convert data from other systems automatically, which allows the correct accounting transactions and data to be posted to your finance or ERP system.   

Why was UniFi created ?

UniFi was created by the finance and technology experts at FinanSys, using 25+ years of experience across multiple sectors. FinanSys has been in business since 1998, selling, implementing, maintaining, supporting and hosting core accounting, finance and ERP systems.

During this time, we have noticed that our customers‘ needs have grown significantly for add-ins, components and functional enhancements to their core accounting and finance systems (outlined in our use cases).

To fulfil these use cases, customers were purchasing a variety of systems to solve their business needs.

While this solved one problem, it created several others which you may also be experiencing:

We have built UniFi to be the only platform you need to enhance the depth and breadth of your current accounting, finance and ERP systems. 

25+ years of knowledge in one platform

UniFi is not a new start-up – it is a platform that has been developed gradually over the 25+ years of FinanSys’ operating history, putting the end user first. UniFi has a long-term roadmap where new features will be released and use cases created to ensure the system’s longevity for another 25 years and into the future.  

Its intuitive nature comes from our understanding of the requirements of a finance team and how it connects with all parts of the organisation. It is a single platform with unlimited potential across finance and all connected departments. 

With UniFi, you can say goodbye
to multiple software fees, logins and interfaces like :

Middleware, integration and API software

Workflow Software

Business Intelligence Software 

Document Management Software

Software for Standalone Use-cases

(e.g: expense management, procurement, budgeting & forecasting etc) 

Why you ask ?

Because UniFi does all the above and more!  

The platform can be configured and customised for any requirement, from finance to business intelligence and beyond. It is end-user configurable, which means everyone in your organisation can easily utilise the platform. 

Enterprise grade platform without the price tag.

UniFi costs as low as £9 per user per month, so you can make significant savings by having one cost-effective platform that connects finance to all departments. 

UniFi uses technology that adapts seamlessly to the future office of the CFO and the growing need for finance to work closer with other departments. 

Its superior and unmatched integration technology enables finance and other business systems and processes to truly connect.  

Considering changing your Finance or ERP system?

UniFi can be used to enhance any Accounting, Financial Management or ERP software.

However, if you are looking for new Financial or ERP software, please get in touch with us, there are a number of UniFi channel partners that can provide various systems. By purchasing a system through our network/or being on enhanced support, you can take advantage of a unique offering that is not available through non channel providers.  

You will get a 1:1 license of UniFi at no additional cost.

With the UniFi subscription, you will receive a variety of features and apps, including Procurement, Time & Expense Management, HR, Enterprise Asset Management, Making Tax Digital and Business Intelligence (to name a few).

This is a great benefit as FMS and ERP users typically have to purchase and implement various third-party software to meet these needs – you get all the features and apps for free.

This offer provides a cost-effective solution for organisations looking to enhance their FMS or ERP system, automate their processes and strengthen their reporting capabilities.  

UniFi is an all-in-one solution that facilitates a limitless number of use cases at no extra cost. Making FinanSys the most affordable provider of SunSystems Cloud and NetSuite.

Find out why UniFi was created here. 

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