EAM Inventory Management

Inventory Management Apps that Grow with Your Business

UniFi Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) allows you to efficiently manage your inventory with the EAM Inventory Management App Group.

This robust Inventory Management App Group provides everything you need to track and manage all your items, parts or tools in multiple locations. It also allows you to manage costing, issue and return materials, perform physical inventories, and automatically generate Requisitions/Purchase Orders based on low stock levels.

The EAM Inventory Management App Group is built to enable your organisation to optimise stock levels, reduce downtime, and manage the entire procurement process, from requisition to receipting and payment.

The platform is designed to be flexible enough to meet the needs of businesses of any size, from SME with limited IT resources to large enterprises with complex operations.

The user-friendly interface simplifies inventory control and enables you to customise inventory categories, track inventory, connect every location, automate alerts, and provide insights to improve your bottom line.


The UniFi platform gives you extensive features for limitless use cases. These features enable you to automate EAM Inventory Management processes and replace your EAM Software.

Not only can UniFi replace your EAM Software, but it can also replace all other 3rd party software. Reducing your need to manage multiple disparate systems and helping reduce your costs. It’s one platform to replace them all.

Why UniFi EAM Inventory Management Is Different

The UniFi EAM Inventory Management App Group simplifies inventory control with its user-friendly interface. Customisable inventory categories and automated alerts streamline workflow processes and keep your operations running seamlessly.

With location tracking, you can quickly identify where an item is while providing accurate insights to help your business save money.

Inventory Costing is managed automatically, supporting Actual, Standard and Weighted Average costing methods.

Powerful reporting capabilities provide real-time alerts regarding stock levels and other key metrics and enable you to monitor usage patterns, track asset movements, and pinpoint discrepancies for improved visibility.

Additionally, UniFi EAM integrates with existing systems, such as finance and ERP, to eliminate manual data entry and streamline processes. This integration allows you to have accurate, up-to-date information and make informed decisions quickly.

Asset Lifecycle Management

The below is an example overview of workflows for the full Asset Lifecycle in UniFi EAM.

UniFi EAM can be fully customised and configured to suit your organisations needs.

All of the below can be managed and automated within UniFi, as well as integrated to existing systems for a single source of truth.

EAM Lifecycle

Powerful Ready-To-Use Apps

The UniFi EAM Inventory Management App Group provides a next gen set of Apps for managing all aspects of your inventory operations, including:

Warehouse Transfer

This App enables seamless part transfers across various stores, locations, and business units, optimising inventory and resource allocation organisation-wide.

It boosts operational efficiency and resource optimisation. For example, if one store has surplus parts while another lacks them, you can request transfers to balance resources across locations.

With this, your organisation can maintain leaner and more agile inventory management as well as efficient resource distribution.

Stock Take (physical inventory)

This App empowers your organisation to reconcile online inventory with actual in-store stock, which is crucial for inventory management excellence.

It also enables businesses to identify discrepancies between online inventory records and actual stock, allowing for timely corrective actions.

Issue/Return Parts & Tools

This App makes it effortless to manage part issuance and returns.

You can issue parts from stores for work orders, equipment maintenance, or project requirements, ensuring the right parts are available where and when needed.

With a streamlined return process, UniFi EAM simplifies returning unused or repair-needing parts, reducing waste and minimising equipment downtime.

By providing a centralised system for both processes, our platform improves resource use, lowers costs, and enhances operational effectiveness. It empowers tighter inventory control, leading to higher productivity.

Supplier Returns & Receipt Management

This App simplifies and enhances the procedure for returning damaged or incorrect parts to your suppliers.

You can effortlessly pinpoint any discrepancies, specify the accurate replacement items, and generate a return request complete with all essential details.

Seamless tracking throughout the entire process guarantees a prompt resolution and the swift receipt of replacement components.


Reference data serves as the repository for item or part details, encompassing essential cost-related information such as average and last prices. Throughout the purchase process, UniFi seamlessly automates cost calculations. This comprehensive functionality is visible through the reference data, acting as the master database for item and part details.

UniFi EAM Integration

UniFi EAM comes with powerful middleware to enable you to integrate with the other systems you use to manage your business. You can push, pull and convert data from any system, giving you a single source of truth in one platform. You choose the single source of truth for data – UniFi or any other external system and leave UniFi EAM to do the rest.

The UniFi Data Connector allows you to collect real-time data from your existing IoT sensor modules. Alternatively, we have a partnership with an IoT (Internet of Things) sensor module manufacturer, and we can bundle sensors into your EAM project for you.

UniFi EAM Attributes

Customisation Capabilities: With UniFi EAM, you have the power to customise fields and columns effortlessly. The intuitive drag-and-drop feature allows you to tailor the system to your organisation’s specific needs, with no limitation on field types, ensuring that you capture and analyse the data that matters most to you

Dynamic Dashboard & Reporting: Harness the power of next-gen Business Intelligence (BI) with UniFi EAM. Our system allows you to customise dashboards and reports, transforming complex data into clear, actionable insights. You can make informed decisions and drive your organisation forward with ease.

User-Friendly Interface: Technology should be accessible to everyone. UniFi EAM boasts a clean, user-friendly interface that is both intuitive and easy to navigate. You don’t need to be an IT expert to utilise the system effectively; it’s designed for users of all levels. To ensure successful user adoption we provide two weekly free training sessions for all our customers

Simplicity with Power: UniFi EAM’s strength lies in its simplicity. It may be straightforward to use, but it packs a punch when it comes to fulfilling your company’s asset management needs. UniFi EAM addresses an extensive list of EAM use cases.

Other UniFi EAM Use Cases

If you have a unique requirement or use case that’s not listed on this page, it’s highly likely that it’s creatable or configurable in UniFi, please speak to our team and we’ll be happy to discuss your options

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