SunSystems Cloud and UniFi Bundle

When you subscribe to SunSystems Cloud through FinanSys, you will also get access to UniFi on a 1:1 license basis at no additional cost.

This package gives you access to a suite of powerful finance and business applications that can enhance your system’s potential, streamlines your business operations, and help you achieve unparalleled efficiency like never before.

A Quick Intro to SunSystems Cloud

SunSystems Cloud is the first-ever multi-tenant, true SaaS version of Infor SunSystems. As a leading financial management system (FMS), Infor SunSystems is used by thousands of organisations in 190+ countries to manage their accounting needs and transform their financial data into profitable action.

The software comes with capabilities for financial analysis, reporting, and integration with other systems. It also offers excellent multi-currency and multi-company functionality.

What is UniFi?

Are you tired of multiple 3rd party software? Have you ever wanted one powerful system that covers all bases for your finance team and its connected departments?

UniFi is that solution!

UniFi is cloud-based software that enhances and automates your business processes using a simple drag–and–drop interface and intelligent process engine.

It is a complete Accounting and Finance Automation platform with unlimited potential that the non-techie members of your team can very easily use to develop any number of bespoke applications for your organisation to meet any need, whether it’s finance-related or not.

UniFi also comes with multiple pre-built apps and workflows. You can use them as-is to get an instant return on your software investment, customise them for any financial or business management requirement, or use them as a starting point for creating your own apps.

This innovative solution can obtain data from SunSystems (or from any other ERP or business system you are already using) and distribute it elsewhere, thereby reducing manual data re-keying and maximising the automation of processes.

UniFi offers one system to manage an ever-growing number of use cases including Purchasing (P2P), Sales (O2C), Financial Accounting, Reporting, Human Resources, Compliance, Integration and much more.

All UniFi features—including No-code Application Builder, Workflows, Business Process Management, Middleware and Integration, Accounting Automation, Business Intelligence, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Work Operating System—come as standard with nothing being gated behind a paywall and no hidden fees at all.

The Added Benefits of Combining SunSystems Cloud and UniFi

As mentioned earlier, purchasing SunSystems Cloud through FinanSys gets you a subscription of the powerful UniFi platform on a 1-to-1 license basis.

For example, if you purchase 10 SunSystems Cloud licenses, you will receive 10 UniFi licenses at no additional cost.

The combination of SunSystems Cloud and UniFi is a formidable one: you get Infor’s leading financial management system and UniFi’s powerful Accounting and Finance Automation platform in one package.

With this bundle, you not only get a multi-tenant finance system that you can deploy quickly and easily without needing any additional hardware, but you also get a powerful suite of tools to help you take full advantage of the system.

This revolutionary platform provides massive enhancements to your Sun accounting software and reduces your finance team’s workload while providing you with dependable results.

But UniFi does much more than just streamline and automate your financial and accounting operations. It can efficiently replace or plug the gaps in other systems you use, including finance, HR, CMS, ERP, and so on.

UniFi provides tremendous cost savings in terms of time and money. It helps you cut down on manual tasks and errors and saves you from having to purchase additional software or hiring additional resources. UniFi is enterprise-grade software without the cost.

About FinanSys

FinanSys is an award-winning, Gold Channel Partner of Infor SunSystems and a reputable Solution Provider of Oracle NetSuite.

With over 25 years of experience, FinanSys has helped global organisations across several industries solve complex issues related to financial management systems, providing customised solutions for each client.

FinanSys’ vast experience allows them to provide process automation enhancements that are unique.

FinanSys are known for their expertise in evaluating, supplying, implementing, and upgrading SunSystems, while their support desk is one of the best in the industry.

FinanSys are the authors of UniFi, and have created the dynamic software from the ground up based on their 25+ years of experience implementing finance systems and understanding connected requirements.

UniFi adapts seamlessly to the future office of the CFO and the growing need for finance to work closely with other departments.

How to Get the SunSystems Cloud + UniFi Bundle

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