Executive Summary

What is UniFi?

UniFi is geared towards mid-market/enterprise organisations and can be used to fulfil any enhancement, extension, automation, or application for any business process. It works seamlessly with any ERP or accounting system, ensuring real-time business intelligence and reporting. Ultimately, using UniFi against any core finance or ERP system, our customers can fulfil their business needs in one platform.

This eliminates the need to buy a myriad of different add-ins, business applications, and enhancements. We are one platform to replace them all.

The design of UniFi started in 2008. The platform was eventually soft-launched in 2021 (exclusively for our supported customers only). The public launch was in June 2023. We now have over 130 mid-market/enterprise organisations using the platform with over 20k users.

What are the Features of UniFi?

What are the Use Cases of UniFi?

Do you use multiple add-ins or systems for the below Use Cases?

We have built UniFi to be the only platform you need to cover all of these uses cases and more.


Full User Pricing

Per user/Per Month. Billed annually

Accounting Automation, Unique to UniFi


Unlike other solutions that only automate approvals, UniFi goes beyond approvals and automates accounting postings to your accounting system. This capability is unique to UniFi, and no other solution on the market offers it.

While other solutions can only automate approvals, they still need a human to manually post to an accounting system.

UniFi transcends this limitation, saving a significant amount of time, reducing the need for manual intervention, and freeing up valuable resources.


We have a very happy user base of over 20k users who are big fans of UniFi. With over 130 mid-market/enterprise organisations using the platform, we can provide you with references from a multitude of sectors. 

We can arrange a suitable reference to get in touch with you.

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