About UniFi

Who We Are

UniFi was born from FinanSys’ 25 years of experience implementing accounting and business management systems for SMEs.

In 2008, we realised that our clients needed an excessive number of third-party systems and apps, and thus, we started designing UniFi —the one platform to replace them all.

In 2021, UniFi was launched to our existing clientele with strong feedback on its extensive capabilities. It was then opened to the public in 2023, at which point it had over 15,000 users from over 100 organisations.

UniFi’s unique selling point is that it contains all features for one price and has limitless use cases.

It enables users to automate business processes, unify data for a single source of truth, and vastly improve their business intelligence.

‘UniFi’ is a play on the word ‘Unify’, given what the platform can do. Unify comes from the early 16th century: from French “unifier” or late Latin “unificare” which means ‘make into a whole’.

UniFi accurately depicts what the platform can do: it unifies your company’s departments and operations and makes all your data into a whole (single source of truth).

What We Stand For

Our Vision

What we aspire to achieve

UniFi is designed to be the most configurable platform for business process automation.

UniFi aims to help organisations reduce and consolidate their third-party apps, automate processes, and create a single source of truth.

It enables end-users to easily develop and automate their business processes using a simple drag-and-drop interface and process engine.

Our Mission

What we are admired and respected for

Our mission perfectly encapsulates what we are admired and respected for. We aim to improve the finance team’s efficiency and accuracy and refine the way it functions.

Our Core Values

Our values underpin who we are and what we do


While the competition functions on archaic; technology, methods of deployment and pricing structures, UniFi takes a different path.

UniFi is pioneering in its approach to development, deployment, problem-solving and pricing. This ensures users of UniFi get the best return on their investment and that they’re utilising the latest technology, while feeling empowered to use the platform effectively.

UniFi is creating the future office of the CFO today. By spearheading accounting automation and robotic accounting, we’re enabling the office of the CFO to concentrate on value add and business growth.

The ethos of UniFi is that we will never paywall anything. The price customers pay includes access to everything within the platform, now and into the future!


To be modern means to advocate a departure from traditional methods. This encompasses what we do. We allow organisations to do things differently.

We are a cutting-edge, progressive software company that enables its users to modernise their approach to business and finance.


We enable users to operate as modern professionals by providing a system that is efficient, reliable, and flexible. Our software is based on over 25 years of professional experience, which makes it a platform that is more adept than the competition.


We are clear in our approach. UniFi is easy to use and everything from our pricing to our user interface is clear. Clarity underpins how the software was developed and our users will find clarity in their data and processes when using UniFi.

Our Milestones

Our Locations

UniFi is a global company with a diverse global team operating from 10+ countries and headquartered in London, United Kingdom.

Corporate Social Responsibility

At UniFi, we’re more than just a business – we’re a part of the global community. We understand that Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is not just a buzzword but a commitment to our stakeholders, the public, and ourselves to operate in an ethical, sustainable, and socially accountable manner.

Our CSR approach is embedded in every aspect of our operations. We prioritise our customers, providing them with innovative solutions while ensuring our business practices respect and contribute to the broader community and environment.

This commitment extends to our partners and suppliers, with whom we foster relationships based on mutual respect and fairness, and our employees, for whom we strive to create a fulfilling and secure work environment. Our hiring policy is inclusive, fostering diversity and equality.

Moreover, we give back to the community through philanthropic initiatives, including donating at least two of our software systems to registered charities each year.

You can learn more about our Corporate Social Responsibility.

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